Biden, the sacrificial President

IN THE game of baseball, a ‘sacrifice fly’ is when there is a runner on base and the batter hits the ball and gets caught out, but the runner still makes it to home base to score a point. The batter ‘sacrificed’ his at-bat so his team could gain a point. 

It looks like we are seeing some foreshadowing of a similar play by the Democratic field in the 2020 presidential election. 

From toppling statues to defunding the police, the objectives of the Democratic Party have moved ever more to the Left. These actions and ideas performed and proposed by the far Left might be the new normal for the Democratic elite, but they would never have won at the ballot box. So for the Dems to get their ultra-progressive platform into the White House, they needed a more moderate batter such as at the plate for them. Unlike and Elizabeth Warren, Biden was the more electable candidate who had the best chance of defeating Trump and sending an ultra-progressive politician home to the White House. Since Biden has kept his promise to pick a female person-of-colour as his running mate by choosing Kamala Harris, the Democrat’s radical-Left runner is securely on base.

Now, by getting himself elected, Uncle Joe has figuratively hit the ball deep into the outfield. 

Biden has suggested that he would be a one-term president, but recent Freudian slips by both Biden and Harris suggest his tenure might be even shorter.

Prior to the election Kamala Harris spoke of how a ‘Harris administration’ would handle the economy. She immediately clarified that Biden will be president

After the election, while appearing on CNN, Biden compared his future working relationship with Kamala Harris to the one he had with Barack Obama. He said, ‘Like I told Barack . . . where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.’ However, with Obama, Biden was vice president, with Harris, he’ll be president. Therefore, if Biden and Harris have a disagreement, shouldn’t she be the one to resign? To paraphrase an old adage, a phony candidate’s words are his handlers’ thoughts. 

Now all that’s left for team Democrat to do to complete the play is for Biden to get ‘caught out’ by declaring himself unfit for service while simultaneously sending his female POC VP running home to the White House (running mate, indeed).  His son Hunter and his brother James may prove helpful. 

Finally, although the batter failed at getting on base, he does receive credit for sending a runner home and scoring a point. In Major League Baseball, it is filed under the term RBI, which stands for ‘Run Batted In.’ Perhaps in this case it will be filed under ‘Running-mate Biden’d In’?

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