Bob Foley: Rough seas ahead?

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The Sun Chronicle printed an Associated Press article (Nov. 18) examining the question “can Biden ease the divide in the nation?”

My observation of the commentary on the election made by the majority of media outlets is the nation is at least, if not more, deeply divided. The issues that apparently settled the vote are nowhere near cued up for resolution with the election of what is a sharply divided Democratic party candidate.

While would like to project himself as some sort of moderate, aisle-crossing politician, his ability to control the radical thinking, socialistic-leaning far left wingers of his party is questionable.

At this point, the murmurs of , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the rest of the ‘Squad’, and any other number of other socialist party members have suggested they are not willing to compromise on their platform issues. They fervently believe support from their followers was key to the Biden victory and are, therefore, owed payback in the form of political support of their cockamamie policies.

So if the so-called Squad forces their demands into the Biden program, it is very reasonable to assume the Democratic party will erupt into its own civil war.

Long overdue for replacement politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, while nowhere near rational pro-American value thinkers, are far more moderate than the zany characters who seem to be the current vogue in the far left.

But people like too-long-in-office Bernie, who have championed the far left of the Democratic party, will not be persuaded to compromise their over-the-edge proposals. Other progressives are commenting early Biden moderate appointees are a betrayal of Biden promises to establish the nation’s most progressive government ever. No moderates allowed. The gloves are off.

If you want a scary view of what could happen, take a look at Bernie’s website. His proposals include ideas like turning Post Offices into local banks, eliminating all sorts of legally incurred debt, dismantling controls over illegal immigration, exorbitantly tax corporations whose executives have compensation that Bernie believes is too lucrative, guarantee jobs for everyone and pay everyone in the nation, citizens, illegals — everyone — $2,000 per month. He explicitly suggests that by taxing the wealthy, the nation can solve what he perceives to be an issue of wealth inequality. Those are just a handful of his pie-in-the sky desires and “promises.” Imagine if he gets a foothold with the Squad to pressure poor Joe into actually forwarding these insane ideas into the public domain.

The question then becomes speculation as to what would happen should these ideas and the plethora of Green New Deal’s ridiculous propositions see the light of day. Supporters of these far-fetched sojourns into the absurd believe socialism is the panacea to all the ills of the world. Seems they have blinders to historic Marxist forays into socialism and communism. The experiments of the Soviet Union, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba all seem to be ignored by the supporters of such lunacy.

Having watched the presumptive election winner on TV the past few days, it seems his new moniker might become whispering Joe. While ranting, howling and fundamentalist preacher exhortations are not really a way to win hearts and minds, the lethargy in Biden’s lack of enthusiasm has got to be troubling to his faithful.

On the far left, the Squad likely sees his drained orations as an entry for them to establish their foothold in the fledgling platform. Another serious issue will be who gets selected as the House Speaker. There would appear enough anti-Pelosi supporters and perhaps enough Republicans to upset the House vote. That process will be interesting.

As the installation of a new political alignment approaches, the infighting, the name calling, the viciousness from the far left is going to get nasty.

Hopefully the losers won’t be the citizens of the nation but it seems like a real possibility.

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