Harry Spencer: Come on, Joe

Please release the famous Sanders-Biden manifesto in its entirety so that the voting public can see what is in store for them should you be elected. At one point, at one of your recent train stops you seemed unable to remember the name of the document you co-signed. Fortunately one of your staffers was on hand to give you a hand. If you have a socialist agenda it would be important for the populace to examine it. 

While you recently questioned the fact that you looked like a socialist, you may have inadvertently tipped the mitt of the Democrat big wigs who decided that they could not have a rabble rouser like Sanders deliver their message. Now that the Demos have gone hard left, it is easy to understand why Kamala Harris was chosen to be your Vice Presidential nominee. As she, Harris, has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, surpassing Sanders, she is the perfect second in command to carry Democrat Socialism forward. Both yourself and Harris have recently uttered the phrase “The Harris-Biden” administration. 

COME ON, JOE. Since you started your campaign as sort of an evangelist who was going to restore the soul of America and since at no time have you used your empathetic persona to commiserate with the people who have had their stores burned and looted and in some cases have suffered great bodily harm, it seems you have been very selective in just whose souls you are worried about. Also, since you have demeaned law enforcement by saying that when they appeared to quell the riots they were viewed as the “enemy”. Accordingly, you have no endorsement from law enforcement, while Trump is universally backed by the Police organizations.  Trump is viewed as the law and order President. 

COME ON, JOE. During the Presidential debate you proudly stated that you were the Democrat party. You based this assumption on the fact that you had beaten the Socialist, . Actually you won the battle for the nomination, but Bernie won the war for the Democrat platform. As of now, you are little more than a water bearer for Bernie’s Socialist/Communist agenda. 

COME ON, KAMALA. During your debate with the Vice President you seemed to have mastered the Democrat protocol for debating. That method includes; smirking, giggling and shaking your head in disbelief while your opponent is trying to make a point. Also another tactic that was employed first by Hillary Clinton, then by Biden and eventually by you was to wind up your presentation by looking directly into the camera and giving a bit of a free Political commercial. 

COME ON, JOE. In one of your rare appearances in person you gave a rather long speech on Unity. You said that you had the unusual ability to talk to both sides and as a result they would forget their differences. What was strange about the event was the venue you chose to talk about Unity. It was the site of one of the greatest examples of disunity in the history of the country. It happens to be where thousands of disunified people killed one another in one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War—Gettysburg! 

COME ON, READERS. Currently there are three books on the market that pertain to the upcoming election and it would be great if you had the time to read them. They include; “Profiles in Corruption”, which details how the Biden clan profited while Joe was Vice President, the latest Michael Savage book “Our Fight for America”, which explains what is at stake in the coming election and “Unfreedom of the Press”, by Mark Levin, which contains book, chapter and verse on how the main stream media has been co-opted by the left. 

COME ON, AOC. As usual you had to get in your two cents worth during the Vice Presidential debate by Tweeting that “Fracking is bad”, when the topic came up for discussion. It is a well-known fact that Biden and Harris have both stated on TV that they will ban fracking. In Joe’s case, he was able to speak out of both sides of his mouth on the subject when he stated that he was not against fracking, but that he would eliminate it as soon as net zero emissions were met. This sort of goes along with what Biden said about defunding the police. First he stated that he was not for defunding, but that he would direct some of the police money to other causes. This sounds an awful like defunding to me.

Harry Spencer is a 75-year resident of Nevada and a freelance writer living in Reno. He writes a weekly column for the Sparks Tribune.

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