Idahoans gather across the Treasure Valley to tune into first presidential debate

Many Republicans gathered at the drive-in theater in Caldwell to watch the debate, while the Biden campaign threw a watch party for staff members to watch.

BOISE, Idaho — Many Republicans gathered at the Terrace Drive in Theater in Caldwell for a massive watch part of the first presidential debate of 2020 on Tuesday. Meanwhile, members of the campaign team opted for a socially-distanced watch party.

Biden campaign staffers held a watch party in their headquarters in downtown Boise. Folks were spaced out, all wearing masks, and watching the debate.

Before the debate, KTVB talked to former Congressman and the co-chairman of the Idaho for Biden campaign, Larry LaRocco, to get his take on Biden.

“I think he has the edge because he’s speaking to the American people truthfully, and he’s talking to them because he has a great deal of empathy,” LaRocco said. “He’s the kind of guy that feels the pain people are going through across the country right now as they’re being isolated and as we’re trying to act as a community in this country as we deal with this pandemic.”

Over in Canyon County, many Republicans and President Trump supporters gathered in Caldwell at the drive-in theater

The event was organized by KIDO radio host Kevin Miller. He said they picked the drive-in theater so people could come together and watch the debate, but also give them a chance to socially distance and be safe from COVID-19.

Going into the debate, he told KTVB he expected President Trump to be the winner, but he also talked about the expectations for Biden.

, the expectations are lower for him. Donald Trump has to hit it out of the park,” Miller said. “, if he just survives, remember those first few debates, he wasn’t that great. That last one with he was, if he just comes in and parries, then he’s won.”

They put the debate on the big screen, however, they needed to wait for the sun to set in order to actually see it.

Trump and Biden are scheduled for another debate on Oct. 15 and then on Oct. 22.

Meanwhile, the Vice President candidates are scheduled for a debate on Oct. 7.

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