LETTER: Donald Trump needs to protect himself from vindictive Democrats

After watching how the Democrats protected Hillary Clinton, their pushing the Russia hoax, the phony impeachment, the treatment of Brett Cavanaugh and other behavior that may or may not be criminal, I urge President to grant pre-emptive immunity to himself, his family and others close to his administration.

If is sworn in, we may never know the extent of corruption of the Obama administration, Hunter Biden’s escapades and the involvement of the intelligence community in the attacks on Mr. Trump. There is a real possibility that all will be swept under the carpet and no one held accountable.

Members of “The Squad” have already mentioned making a list of President Trump’s “enablers” for some kind of retribution in the future. Based on their past behavior, the Democrats have demonstrated there are no limits to what they will do to destroy Mr. Trump. He will always be a threat to the Democrats, and he needs to take steps to protect himself and those around him. The attacks against him while he was in office were bad; the attacks to eliminate him as a threat will be worse.

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