Letter: Joe Biden has no integrity

Being an independent voter I figure I have the best of two worlds when it comes to political parties.

I can make and assessment of who I like not having to blindly support a party with no concept of right or wrong, which brings me to the presidential debates between President and former Vice President .

For the past few years I’ve watch Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Jerry Nadler makeup one lie after another trying to berate and destroy all because the disdainful Hillary Clinton – who lied and cheated trying to win the election to become president – lost.

Now I’ve watched another pathological liar continue with an onslaught of lies using the same old ploy thinking the American people have no concept of honesty.

When Trump started to reference the prosecutor in the Ukraine being fired because Biden threatened to hold back a billion dollars in aide, Chris Wallace jumped in overriding Trumps challenge but I heard Biden say it was a lie. This deceitful miscreant was shown on television numerous times bragging about how he got the prosecutor fired who was investigating his son Hunter.

Biden has been seen on video after video contradicting what he told the public at the debate. He is a pathological liar with no integrity or morals like his counter parts above who would rather lie about Trump than be honest with the public.

Gregory J. Topliff


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