LETTER: The left will continue to hound Donald Trump

Many conservatives fervently desire that make a run to regain the presidency in 2024. I guess some have not paid close attention to the past four years of fake accusations, misleading news reports and frivolous lawsuits launched against him by leftist politicians, governors, district attorneys, mayors and the media.

Mr. Trump’s presidency shielded him from the lawsuits, but that will soon no longer be the case and the venomous attacks are certain to intensify once he leaves office. Members of the hard left in the United States have no scruples and will do anything to get and retain the power to control our lives and destroy the lives of those who oppose them.

Therefore, the incorrigible leftist agenda will shift to an effort to charge and convict Mr. Trump of a felony — any felony — thus making him ineligible to run for public office.

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