U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz dished out the red meat on Saturday night’s iteration of the Judge Jeanine show on Fox News, depicting “unhinged mobs” as a sign of “‘s America.”

While street theater has been a hallmark of the season, it hit too close to home Thursday night when VIPs were accosted by purportedly peaceful protesters en route from the White House to their parking spaces..

The leftists may have had their say Thursday, but at least in terms of the Saturday night audience on the Fox News Channel, it was Gaetz who got in the last word.

Gaetz said, regarding the left: “Tweet the wrong thing they’ll cancel you on the line. Back the wrong candidate, they’ll attack you in the streets. But this is sign of ’s America.”

But he wasn’t done there. He suggested that Biden may just want the action in the streets.

Matt Gaetz says 'Joe Biden's America' means mob violence in the streets

“Lockdowns and riots are connected,” Gaetz said, describing a path that “leads to civil discord.”

“Maybe that’s what really wants,” he suggested.

The Congressman, in discussing police apparently standing down as crowds harassed Republican dignitaries, stood athwart against the “woketopia.”

“Defund the police is not just a slogan or a hashtag,” Gaetz said. Rather, it’s the policy of “Democratic mayors in Democratic cities.”

With time running out on the segment, Gaetz reprised one of his kicker lines from his Republican National Convention oration last week.

Matt Gaetz says 'Joe Biden's America' means mob violence in the streets

“If we lose America,” Gaetz said, “ may not even notice.”

Gaetz, a Republican from the Panhandle, is not the only Florida Republican with potential 2024 Presidential ambitions to condemn the recent confrontations of GOP worthies as a cautionary tale about the Democratic ticket.

Sen. Rick Scott on Thursday likewise decried the attacks as an example of what happens in “Joe Biden’s America.

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