Wo would have thought that even Barak Obama and Michelle Obama suffers from this kind of problems. Michelle recently confirmed that the quarantine with the family came with a lot of consequences for her. Especially with her relationship with her daughters. In an interview, she even shared that her daughters are sick of her. And that has affected the whole dynamics of their family. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Michelle Obama Reveals Shocking Details About Her Relationship With Her Daughters.
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The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, 56 recently in an interview revealed the sad truths about her family. And fans were shocked after hearing all this. Michelle was asked about the dynamics of the family during quarantine, as the whole family was together. To that Michelle responded by saying that it wasn’t the best, her daughters would often get sick of her. Which got her into arguments with her daughters. And that wasn’t the best she wanted for herself and her family at the moment.

Michelle appeared virtually on Conan O’Brien’s talk show where she talked about the whole situation, how it has affected her and her family. Her daughter Malia, 22 and Sasha, 19 would often get sick of her she mentions. It was about the time when the government of America announced extremely strict lockdown in September.

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Michelle’s Responses

Michelle says that this was the first time in decades where the family would see so much of each other. Even the father and the mother of the family who is often out for the job would stay at the home. The kids who are often out for their schools and colleges were at the house too. And due to that, the family would see too much for one another. That was a problem, but she struggled to deal with all of this altogether.

The former First Lady, confesses that the first few weeks of the quarantine period was the exciting moment of the family. For the first time in decades, they were finally able to spend so much time together. And things were pretty fine. However, as time passed, their kids would often get annoyed having their parents around all the time.

And that wasn’t all, later Michelle days that it was not just the kids who were sick of their parents. It was they who got sick of them as well. Since the girls were always it thing about going to the college or going out to hang out with friends which they would permit. And this is a normal thing if you see too much of someone you would get sick of them at a point and that is what happened with this family as well. No matter they are some famous ones but they are humans after all.

Soon after the interview came out, it got viral on the internet, with people making mix interpretations about it. Fans had a variety of things to say about it. With some claiming that the kids are way too rick to care about their family and others supporting the whole situation with their general perspective.

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