Poll: Joe Biden Leads President Donald Trump 50-44 In Pennsylvania

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

The poll found that voters in Pennsylvania ahead of the election believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most important issue facing the state with 27% saying that and then the economy being the second most important issue facing the state with 21% saying that.

As President is running for a second term, around two in five voters in Pennsylvania, or 42%, believe that Mr. Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as president.

However, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic is only at a 33% approval rating among Pennsylvania voters.

When comparing the two candidates, registered voters in Pennsylvania 52% of voters have a favorable view of Democrat as opposed to 42% favorable view of President .

While only holding a 42% favorable view among registered voters in Pennsylvania, President still holds an edge over on the question of who is more prepared to handle the economy, 48%-45%.

You can read the entire poll and its methodology on the Franklin & Marshall College website.

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