Read Biden-Sanders task force report, kiss freedoms goodbye

To the citizens who celebrate the anticipated inauguration of as President of the United States: I suggest you read the policy statement that and Sen. jointly released July 8, 2020, Not a quick read at 110 pages, but these are the principles of a Biden administration and are predictive of what will happen to the freedoms we are promised in the Constitution. The government will have increasing control over more aspects of our lives and restrict our liberties.

Selling your house? The government can limit the sale price.

Gas up your car? The price of fuel will skyrocket.

Kids learning the patriotic history of our country’s founding? Not happening.

America remaining a sovereign nation, free to conduct our international affairs as we see fit? Nope, the U.S. will be hamstrung by international input.

Want to leave your heirs the financial fruits of your labor and smart money management? Don’t hold your breath.

I hope I am totally wrong about all this, but if you do not recognize your country in a few years, do not come crying to those of us who tried to warn you where the U.S. was heading.

Linda Blais


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