Stopping a Joe Biden corporate cabinet; How Donald Trump turned the White House into a …

Progressive groups are fighting behind the political scene to stop a corporate ridden cabinet in the incoming administration.  Guests Moira Birss and Vashuda Desikan talk about the corporate ties in the President-elects team.

Amazon Watch @AmazonWatch, where she works to hold corporations accountable for violating human and indigenous rights. She’s also with the Stop the Money Pipeline @StopMoneyPipe that follows the financial sectors support of the climate crisis. They’ve been following the Biden transition team and who’s on it.

Vashuda Desikan is the Political Director at the Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE) @ACREcampaigns. Vasudha comes from a long history of campaigning in the labor movement, mostly with low-wage workers at SEIU, Amazon and Walmart. She is part of the No Corporate Cabinet movement.


A new expose, White House, Inc., looks at the ways in which President enriched himself during his presidency, his many conflicts of interest, and how money influenced his domestic and foreign policies.  Guest Dan Alexander talks about his new book.

Dan Alexander @DanAlexander21 is author of, White House, Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency into a Business.  Alexander is a senior editor at Forbes where he leads coverage of and twice a year assess his wealth.

Guest host, Christina Aanestad.

photo: Tabrez Syed 

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