The Byden administration will assume the negative with the strategy against North Korea

In the six-party talks during the time of Secretary General Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s (hereafter referred to as North) negotiating strategy resulted in both crises: “If you don’t negotiate here, there will be a war” and the development of nuclear weapons and missiles. It was called marginal diplomacy to show off.

The United States, South Korea and Japan did not want to go to war, so they were fooled in these negotiations by supplies like oil in the north and were making nuclear missiles behind the scenes.

After the end of President and President , who continue to have strategic patience, North Korea carried out repeated experiments with nuclear weapons and ICBMs (ICBMs) and was in the completion stage in late 2017. Approaching the.

In response, the US Trump administration initially rocked military threats and the North Korean economy with strong economic sanctions.

After North Korea made military threats between the United States and North Korea against each other, it fully understood and determined Trump’s individuality and otherwise decided, “If we drop this person, we can meet our demands.” However, it appears that he has set a deception trap that focuses only on President Trump.

Then, in Hanoi, Vietnam, the second US-North Korea summit, President Trump was about to be dropped.

If he had agreed to North Korea’s request at the time, he would have been criticized as a stupid president among successive presidents of the United States. It was a dangerous place.

If the Trump administration had entered Pyeongtaek in its second term, it could have been the worst possible consequence of swallowing North Korea’s demands.

North Korea has continued to deceive its negotiating partners in developing nuclear missiles.

The Byden administration will read the story and the negotiators and develop such a negotiation strategy.

I want to consider what it will look like from the following five perspectives.

(1) Purpose that Chairman Kim Masaon wants to achieve through negotiations between the US and North Korea

How did you try to fool Mr. Trump into reaching ② and ①?

③ How is the negotiation method in the north and where does it come from?

④ What strategy is being pursued against the new President Byden (if confirmed)?

⑤ From now on, be wary of the US-Japan strategy for North Korea

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