This question must be on many minds. Let’s examine it. In any investigation, regardless of purpose, you want to know the following: Who, what, when, where, why and how did something occur?

The who, I believe, is the Democratic Party which, more than two years ago, I dubbed the Democrat Progressive Socialist People’s Party. The DSPPP includes the infamous Black Lives Matter and antifa elements, which unfortunately remaining old-time party Democrats, like , lack the courage to disavow.

I remember a different Democratic Party where patriotism was embedded.

This change started taking hold in the 1960s, resulting in what we have today: unreasoned violence and irrational policy positions at every level of governance. Look at California.

The what, is their unquenchable thirst for political power. The when, is right now. The where, is across this nation, including Solano County. The why, is because they believe America needs to fundamentally change from a free and open society where individualism is changed to a collectivist’s mindset. After all, individualism is inconvenient as one might actually think for themselves. The how, is as their Marxist roots tell them, “By any means necessary.” The difference is stark.

Collectivism with the DSPPP or freedom to choose with the Republican Party. Citizens, chose now as real choice may not be there later.

We’ve witnessed DSPPP-elected officials engage in behavior to gain their ends. An example is the despicable pyramid of schemes, deceits and lies called the Mueller investigation. Look at how clever the DSPPP was in getting a mentally diminished yet distinguished Bob Mueller to further the DSPPP “resistance.” He’s appointed as special counsel to investigate a now proven fraudulent event. The behavior illustrates their utter contempt for our American history and Constitution.

As it became obvious that Sen. was going to get the DSPPP 2020 nomination, their leaders undercut him, choosing a cognitively diminished, 47-year swamp dweller, , as their nominee with dubious Kamala Harris as his minder. Party leadership made a deal with the very radical Sanders.

Sanders got all he asked for (the Green New Deal, free college tuition for all, abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, rejoin the Paris climate accords and the Iranian nuclear deal, oppose private school vouchers, ban charter schools, give citizenship to undocumented (illegal) immigrants, et al, for stepping aside. We’ve witnessed senseless violence, death, destruction and huge economic costs incurred in long-time DSPPP-controlled cities from Portland to New York. We saw this in Solano County from Vallejo through Fairfield to Vacaville.

Had enough? Fine vote them out.

Doubt me? Look up the 110-page DSPPP platform endorsed by Biden/Harris and our own Rep. John Garamendi. Garamendi has been among the missing in this year’s local congressional race against 17-year Air Force active duty now reservist Tamika Hamilton. He refuses to debate her. Why? Is he somehow afraid of a smart, young, grassroots candidate? A female who happens to be a Black, a mother of four, wife of a police officer who is also a two-tour combat veteran who is a Black man?

Not a typical GOP candidate, right? You might be surprised if you reject stereotypes fostered by the DSPPP; and candidate Biden who said, “If you can’t figure out who to vote for you ain’t Black.” Wow! Talk about racist stereotyping.

Tamika Hamilton brings a rainbow of humanity together rather than dividing it. If you go to her events you see young, old, Black and white, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Sikhs, Christians, Jews and Muslims together as it should be. She puts the lie to claims that the GOP is a party of old white racists men. The DSPPP plays the race card constantly yet engages in racism daily.

This election, it’s freedom versus tyranny. Your choice.

Jim McCully is a member of the Solano County Republican Central Committee, Vacaville resident and former Northwest Regional vice chairman of the California State Republican Party.

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