In his
victory speech, , the President-Elect of the United States, did not
forget to thank the ones to whom he owed his victory – his black supporters. Pounding
on the podium, he said “You’ve always had my back and I’ll have
yours.” In addition to Georgia, which we’ll discuss later, black voters
were the key to flipping the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin
from red to blue. In these states’ major cities, Philadelphia, Detroit and
Milwaukee, they came out in droves to oust a racist president who relied on the
support of white supremacy groups. The fact that Biden chose Kamala Harris, a
senator of Jamaican and Indian descent, as his vice president, was recognition
of the role played by black and minority voters, and especially black women, in
gaining him the nomination and then in the mass mobilization that brought him
79 million votes. This was by far the highest number of votes ever won by a
presidential candidate.

The roots
of Biden’s victory lie in America’s Deep South. Veteran Congressman Jim
Clyburn, one of the heroes of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement,
played a key role in this regard. When Biden lagged behind in
the Democratic primaries and his campaign appeared all but over, it was Jim Clyburn
who threw his full weight and that of the “black movement” behind
Biden in the South Carolina primary. Faced with the sweeping support of blacks for
Biden, and the need to overthrow Trump, the left wing led by Sanders also
rallied in Biden’s favor, forming a broad coalition that gave him a distinct
advantage, despite the fact that Trump increased his number of votes from the
2016 election.

The key figure
in this election is undoubtedly Stacey Abrams, a 46-year-old African-American
woman who served in Georgia’s House of Representatives and brought about an
incredible electoral change in a state that has not gone Democratic in a presidential
election since 1992. This change requires explanation. Stacey Abrams ran for
governor of Georgia in 2018 and narrowly failed. In the United States, voting
is not an automatic right: every citizen must register and meet the
requirements for doing so. Although blacks have the de jure right to
vote and be protected by the federal government, each individual state sets its
own election rules, which include voter registration. Thus, the various states,
including many of the southern states that supported slavery during the Civil
War, have created all sorts of regulations and laws aimed at effectively preventing
black citizens from exercising their right to vote. To address this issue,
Stacey Abrams set up an organization whose main goal was to help the large
number of black voters overcome the obstacles in registering. 800,000 new black
voters in the state of Georgia joined the voter list and tipped the scales in
favor of Biden.

In 1992,
something similar happened in Israel: a government was formed thanks to Arab
votes. The Labor Party, led by Yitzhak Rabin, beat the Likud, led by Yitzhak
Shamir. The five Arab Knesset seats were added to the 56 seats of the Left’s  Labor and Meretz, allowing  Rabin to create a bloc of 61 and form a
government. This was the first and last time a government was formed by relying
on Arabs. The reason is simple: Rabin paid for it with his life. Rabin’s sin
was that he passed the Oslo Accords in the Knesset with the help of the five
Arab votes. Thus he agreed to hand over parts of the “homeland,” even
though there was no “Jewish majority” for this in the Knesset. The
path from delegitimizing this move to dubbing Rabin a traitor to murdering him was
short. The writing was on every wall in Israel, and the assassin, Yigal Amir, carried
it out.

Since then,
the Arab voice has been outcast. While the Arab citizen is theoretically equal
in rights, in practice his vote is void because he is thought to be serving the
enemy. “Bibi or Tibi” has become the favored slogan of Netanyahu, who
does everything to delegitimize the Arab voter. In a recent election he urged
his supporters to go vote, claiming the Arabs are “flocking to the polls
in droves,” and after the election he raised the cry that the opposition would
call on the Arabs to form a government. This is how Netanyahu has been trolling
the Israeli public for more than two decades, mostly as head of government. The
opposition, whether led by Benny Gantz or Yair Lapid, is pushed into a corner each
time, obligated to prove loyalty to the state by not relying on the Arabs.
Today, after Bibi continues to rule together with Gantz, Moshe
“Bogie” Ya’alon, who has utterly rejected reliance on Arab votes,
declares that he is willing to rely on them “for only one issue” – to
overthrow Bibi, after which he will form an Arab-free coalition.

From here
back to Trump. He was defeated in 2020 by the one he dubbed “Sleepy Joe.”
However, he refuses to acknowledge the results and claims more than two weeks
after Election Day that the election was stolen from him. The reason resembles the
argument of the Israeli Right. Biden’s victory is illegitimate because the
votes that gave it to him are illegitimate. In the same victory speech in which
he thanked the black voters, Biden listed the components of the broad coalition
that stood behind him: “Democrats, Republicans, independents,
progressives, moderates, conservatives, young, old, urban, suburban, rural,
gay, straight, transgender, white, Latino, Asian, Native American. I mean it.
And especially those moments when this campaign was at its lowest ebb, the
African American community stood up again for me.”  Even if Trump and his supporters don’t say so
out loud, this coalition is not American enough for them, not white enough, not
patriotic enough, and it poses a direct threat to white hegemony, which is
losing its majority in the face of changing demographics. That’s why Trump’s
electorate believes in his conspiracy theories and sees Biden voters as election

It is no
coincidence that Trump and Bibi have become such close allies. They both
espouse the same racist ideology and know how to manipulate the fears of the
masses, whether the whites in the United States or the Jewish majority in
Israel. The difference, though, is that while the Left in the United States
embraces the black movement and adopts the Black Lives Matter slogan, the
Israeli Left is consumed by its primordial fear of losing the Jewish majority,
even while understanding that the price for this is continued life in Netanyahu’s
shadow. The Israeli Left hates Netanyahu, but is afraid of making common cause
with the Arabs. It knows that without them it has no chance of winning, just as
the American Left knows that without the support of blacks, the Right cannot be
defeated. And so the Israeli Left is trying to overthrow Netanyahu without the Arabs,
and to maintain a state that is both Jewish and democratic. In other words it
wants the impossible, and thus splits and crumbles, uniting each time behind a
retired general, again collapsing on Election Day in the face of a cohesive
right-wing bloc that has internalized the rules of the political game.

the helplessness of the Left is the Arab Joint List. It remains out of the
political game, and its ineffectiveness is emphasized as its number of seats
increases. If the black movement in the U.S. sees itself as a legitimate part
and leader of American society, and while Barack Obama has twice been elected
president, Arab leadership remains sectoral and inward-looking. Moreover, its
impact on Arab society is nil. While cadres like Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman,
Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar lead the progressive wing of the Democratic Party
on the basis of a left-wing socioeconomic program, Arab parties remain confined
within the national rhetoric and without a universal social program that will
allow them to lead all of Israeli society. As long as the national division
continues to define Israeli politics, there will be no room for an Israeli Biden.

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