Your letters: Donald Trump is clear choice

Dear editor,

In life, choices have to be made; they are not always so clearly defined, because there are pros and cons on both sides.  However, in the choice of president of the United States, the choice could not be more clear.

You have on one side: pro-life, pro-American, pro-law and order, pro-God, and pro-individual freedoms. 

On the other side, you have : pro-socialism, pro-government control of all aspects of our lives, and anti-law and order.

If you value the freedoms that America has always stood for, and if you value the Constitution that guarantees those freedoms, then vote for on Nov. 3.

He is my choice, as he was in 2016, the only clear choice.

John Rondeau of Weston or mail to 500 N. Third St., Suite 208-8, Wausau, Wis. 54403.

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